Game User Interface
The purpose of this project was to create a visual design experience for Sony’s Ghostbusters game on the Amazon Echo. Being a “voice first” product, any visual design acts as supporting features to the game design. It must convey a clear and concise user experience across diverse screen displays while maintaining the brand equity of the original Ghostbusters IP.
Screen Analysis
The Concept
“The Ghostbusters have appointed YOU to manage their team from a remote post utilizing a specialized program available to you only on the Amazon Echo.”
Mood boards
“We’re operating on the premise of sanitizers.”
– Dan Aykroyd
An articulation of the Ghostbusters technology pictured through illustration and texture. This take highlights the “dirty work” of the job, championing the essence of this tough industrial duty.
Color Palette
UI Design
The game interface was illustrated to fit into the "DIY junk-tech" motif of the original Ghostbusters paraphernalia. Dented, scratched and rusted materials were cobbled together with tape and mix-matched screws to create this new ghost-butt-kicking takeover on your Amazon Echo device.
Echo Spot
Illustrative Motif
Fire TV & Large Screen Devices
Title & Loading
Headquarters (HQ) Hub
Combat Mode
Client: Sony Pictures Television Games
Creative Director: Marc Juon
Designers: Ryan Smith, Hyejin Kwon
Producer: Adrian Andrade
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