Marketing Design
Q*bert originated as an arcade game developed and published in 1982. Maintaining much of the original game in it’s character and action, this mobile take developed by Lucky Kat in partnership with the Sony Pictures Television’s Games Team, has been designed congruently with the original brand and embodies a charming affinity to the time period.
App Store Optimization
App Icons
In developing the app icons aesthetic, the look & feel of the game was referenced along with the original Q*bert brand style and a selection of retro and 1980's game art.

Internal ideation and competitive intelligence helped to identify five key conceptual themes: Character / Game Play / Action / Logo-Type-Icons / Object-Arcade
Screen Shots
Continuing the exercise commenced with the app icon development, the app store screen shots focused in on a 1980's game art aesthetic. Specified by the client, each screen shot elaborates the games key features.
User Acquisition
Video Ads
The ad concepts were developed both internally and by client request. Each video was created for Facebook and has a 30, 22, and 15 second version, as well as broken out and rendered in various sizes.
Animated Screen Shots
Pro VS. Noob
Text Conversation
Character Hero
Q*bert as "The Warriors"
End Cards & Video Staging
Each UA video resolves in a variable end card for testing. Video staging cards were developed to simplify size breakdowns minimizing production time and cost.
Client: Sony Pictures Television Games
Game Developer: Lucky Kat
Creative Director: Marc Juon
Designer/Animator: Ryan Smith
Producer: Adrian Andrade
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