Marketing Video
LIVIT was in need of video ads to introduce the app to their new US market. Each 15 second video focused on a unique key feature that aligned with their marketing narrative and was created from actual recorded footage of the apps streamers.

LIVIT is a curated live streaming movie app with over 40 million users. It is the #1 streaming app in Taiwan and Japan with a fast-growing audience in the US.
Brand Hero
Initially created for both internal presentation and UA marketing, this video has been used as the introduction to as well as its App Store preview video. Using LIVITs new brand look & feel, the concept was to touch on the apps key features while creating something that could be easily iterated upon with new and unique streamer recordings.
Watch & Connect
This video was intended to showcase the ways in which a viewer can interact with the streamers live on LIVIT. Vibrant personalities interacting with the viewers as they chat with and gift their favorite streamers.
So Much Talent
LIVIT wanted to try a video that gave a glimpse into the depth and diversity of the talented streamers on their app. Singers, dancers, artists and more! 
Original Music - "Flames" by Dan Henig;

Original Music - "Marlboro Lite" by Spazz Cardigan;

Original Music - "Fun" by Vibe Tracks;
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